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Become a retail rockstar with a Planogram that hits all the right notes.

What is a planogram?

A planogram is a powerful tool that helps retailers optimize the use of their retail space, improve the customer experience, and manage inventory more effectively & efficiently.

Planograms are visual representations of a store's layout that help retailers organize and arrange their products on shelves or displays to increase sales and enhance the shopping experience for customers.

Benefits of using Planogram

Optimize the use of retail space

A planogram helps retailers to organize their products on shelves or displays in a way that maximizes the use of available retail space, which can help in increased sales and profits.

Enhance customer experience

An organized layout of products can reduce the customer’s frustration & make their shopping experience more enjoyable, which leads to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

Increase sales

Planogram helps retailers increase sales by strategically placing products. For example, displaying complementary products together will increase the chances of cross-selling, thus boosting sales.

Reduce inventory costs

By analysing sales data and using predictive analytics, retailers can create a planogram that ensures that popular items are always in stock, while slow-moving items are not taking up valuable shelf space.

How to use a planogram to increase revenue?

Feature high-profit products

Use your planogram to feature high-profit products in prominent areas of the store to increase visibility and encourage impulse purchases.

Group complementary products

Grouping complementary products together can increase the likelihood of customers making additional purchases, thereby increasing revenue. For example, if you sell pasta, consider placing it next to pasta sauces, olive oil, and other Italian food products.

Optimize product placement

Use your planogram to determine the best placement for each product based on sales history, customer demand, and product size. This will help ensure that popular items are easy to find and that less popular items are still visible to customers.

Create a visually appealing store layout

A visually appealing store layout can increase customer engagement and encourage customers to spend more time in your store, leading to increased revenue.

Regularly update your planogram

Keep track of sales data and customer feedback to identify any areas for improvement and modify your planogram accordingly.

Here are a few visual representations of Planogram

Shoe Store Planogram

“Make the most of your retail space and stand out from the crowd with game-changing planograms”

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