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Get The Right POS Software for Your Retail Business

What is POS?

Point of Sales is a system of hardware & software that automates transactions in retail outlets. For example, POS can be used to scan items with barcodes or RFID, process payments, calculate inventory, track sales, and much more.

Save Cost. Streamline Operations. Increase Productivity

POS systems have very much revolutionized the retail industry. The chains use methods that generally use TCP/ IP to network all their POS client stations into a centralized server. Most of the POS systems that are used these days are made up of a touchscreen display, which helps speed up the whole order-taking process. The accuracy of these systems has helped decrease the time taken to serve and increase the efficiency of the order process.

POS systems drastically cut down total operating costs & mistakes that occur due to human error. Just imagine how much longer the order process would take if no such software solutions existed.

Let’s know the functional benefits of POS:

  • Fast, easy-to-use keyboard shortcuts & stock look-ups for quick & reliable picking.
  • Generate a quotation, order, invoice, and credit note from the same screen.
  • The integration allows the user to monitor previous purchases and prices as well as standard credit limit & on-hold information.
  • Can be configured for online or offline use with definable schedules for synchronization that eliminates the need for branches to remember to send & receive data.
  • POS controls stock, pricing, and customers while Retail Point of Sale integrates to & from POS, leaving a single maintenance control at the head office.

  • The POS Software built for your Retail Business

    Bluekode’s one-roof retail solution enhances Productivity, Operational Efficiency, Improve Utility, and Manage Customers with ease. In today’s scenario, retail businesses are facing massive changes & key challenges. In order to overcome the challenges and adapt to the new changes, retail businesses demand modern solutions i.e., logical operations that simplify day-to-day business management. Now, customize your own POS based on your requirements & navigate your business to the next level.

    In conclusion, choose the right POS to elevate customer and employee experience, optimize processes and increase sales no matter what type of retail business you run.

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