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Why Retail POS Software stands a class apart?

Let’s dive into some of the interesting Retail features that make our POS Software stand apart from the crowd.

Fast Billing Experience

Increase your sales & give your customers a reason to visit your store more often with efficient lightning-fast checkouts. This easy & hassle-free billing interface requires no training time.

  • Enhances faster checkout experience with minimum maintenance & investment.
  • Advanced security controls provide 100% security for all your business data.
  • Provides you with accurate data including- Complete automated calculation of MRP, selling price, offers, discounts, etc.

  • Best Inventory Management

    To offer your customers a seamless & smooth experience, you will have to balance your inventory with outstanding stocks.

  • Manage stocks accurately with a real-time demand forecasting system, thus aligning your business operations rightly, from purchase to sales.
  • Easy management of end-to-end omnichannel inventory to enhance inventory turnovers & lifetime value of customers.

  • Powerful CRM & Delightful Loyalty Programs

    Make your customers to come back to your store by offering various attractive offers & Loyalty Programs (Based on points/ membership cards).

  • Decrease your marketing costs & develop a healthy customer relationship through constant engagement (This includes- Sending personalized wishes & offers via SMS)
  • With powerful CRM you can convert non-buyers to buyers, invite back lost customers, and increase their cart value.

  • POS BI Reports

    Make smarter decisions and power-up your business performance with this retail software suite that comes with BI reports.

  • Gain access to your reports within seconds via WhatsApp or mail, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Advanced security for user-based access to your reports, thus ensuring only the assigned people get to view the reports.

  • Choose the one-stop solution that enhances the revenue of your business & empowers service management.

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